Islay and Jura

Last month we visited Isle of Islay to begin an exciting new long-term project, funded by Fourteen, which aims to help support young peoples’ aspirations on Islay and Jura. We ran some taster activities at Islay High School to recruit pupils that are interested in working with us and making a real difference in their community.

We asked the pupils to discuss the services and opportunities available to young people on the islands, before asking them to think about the following question:

How can we help to build a community that better supports the needs and aspirations of ALL local young people?

They were encouraged to respond with ideas based on their own sense of passion as well as the possibility of it happening, before considering the likely impact and effort of a project. Lots of great ideas were discussed – a bakery/youth cafe, community garden, gaming centre and more – and presented to a supporting group made up of local organisations, the Fourteen panel, parents and teachers.

Comments from the supporting group:

There is so much great energy in the room.
Can’t believe how professional they are.
The ideas are already sparking interest and support – and connections to other possibilities.
The group all seem to have grown in confidence.

We’re looking forward to returning to Islay to provide support to all involved in this project – the pupils as well as the group who will be assisting them – so their ideas can take shape and become meaningful over the next 18 months.

Funded by the Fourteen Programme | Foundation Scotland