Over the past 6 years, Space Unlimited has worked directly with schools, colleges and universities to engage young people as active partners in the development of their learning experience.

In each new setting, the catalyst is an enquiry into learning and teaching, led by students. Space Unlimited facilitates the enquiry process and supports an open dialogue between students and teachers that breaks down traditional barriers and builds shared commitment and capacity for change.

Our approach delivers: ideas for change; a clear plan of action, co-produced with students; and a process for role-setting, action and review that helps to build momentum for change. Most importantly, the process supports capacity building in young people and educators – building relationships, confidence and skills that nurture learner voice and learner leadership well beyond the lifetime of any funded project.

Confident Transitions

Confident Transitions

Quotes from project participants

“The experience of the Space Unlimited enquiry was as challenging as it was unique. It made me realise that building a vision with colleagues and pupils doesn’t have to be complicated.”



“I feel like I am part of the puzzle. I know that I can help…I am here to help make change happen.”

Young Person


“I’m getting excited now about what we can do – we could change the lives of other people – we could really help them. Imagine if pupils came to school really wanting to learn and enjoying it! I just want to do everything I can to help”

Young Person

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Changing Together – Youth Led Enquiry

Changing Together - Youth Led Enquiry

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