Month: September 2007

NESTA invests in Space Unlimited for risk.

NESTA’s Future Innovator programme is about developing the attitudes that
underpin innovation, such as self-belief, a spirit of enquiry and
resourcefulness. Following its recent ‘taking a leap’ call for ideas, NESTA
has chosen to award funding to Space Unlimited.

Space Unlimited will develop a pilot project to encourage adults working
with young people to manage their own reactions to risk and uncertainty, and
to recognise how important risk is for innovation. The lessons learnt from
the project will be disseminated so a range of professionals who work with
young people can have more productive experiences.

Heather Sim Space Unlimited CEO says ‘By helping adults to manage their
thoughts, feelings and behaviors towards risk, we expect to significantly
enhance young people’s experience of innovation related projects…we also aim
to help adults working with young people on innovation related projects to
have more rewarding experiences themselves.’