Making Space for Change

Over the last 10 years, Space Unlimited has pioneered youth-led enquiry as a catalyst for fresh insights and more collaborative change. We help governments, public agencies and businesses to work with groups of young people to design and take action together. Recent topics include: reducing alcohol-related harm; shaping youth justice services; tackling climate change; and work inspiration.

Our work is particularly effective in helping to break the spiral of exclusion and non-participation. It helps build people’s confidence to bring about change and create fulfilling work and lives.

It’s surprising what can happen when young people and adults explore experiences together. Giving young people a chance to be heard and to share responsibility changes the nature of the dialogue and nurtures relationships that, in turn, create new space for change.

Some projects end after the youth-led enquiry, when the client or funder has heard the ideas and perspectives of young people. But, more often than not, the work moves into a more sustained period of collaborative action where adults and young people share responsibility for making change happen and learning from the experience.

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