Month: October 2007

Dumfries and Galloway Schools are Determined to Succeed with Space Unlimited

Secondary schools in Dumfries and Galloway are developing a series of ‘enterprising’ projects with Space Unlimited that will meet the requirements of the Scottish Government’s Determined to Succeed initiative.


A quarter of Dumfries and Galloway secondary schools will have completed pioneering projects with social enterprise Space Unlimited by the end of the coming school term. The projects are unique in that young people consult on ‘live’ projects and solve ‘real’ problems for the public and private sector.

The first of these projects was completed in May with Lockerbie Academy pupils handing over their thoughts on the decommissioning of the Chapelcross site to Magnox North.

The organisation described the results as the best ever youth consultation project they had worked on. Lindsey Kyle of Magnox North said, “It was an excellent project with excellent results. The young people worked very hard and put in so much effort which is recognised by Magnox North and the site.”

The success of this initial project has led to a second project with Magnox North and Space Unlimited. From September, pupils at Langholm Academy and Moffat Secondary have been working to develop ideas for what should be included in a Museum at the Chapelcross site.

A further project that has also started in September involves pupils in Sanquhar working on a Scottish Enterprise and Determined to Succeed sponsored project exploring how best to create a social enterprise for the community.

Kevin Lelland, Projects and Relationships Manager at Space Unlimited said, “Space Unlimited projects are designed to put young people in charge. This gives them the opportunity to try out skills in a real world situation. By doing this young people get the space to develop their own ideas and learn more about the talents they have. Businesses benefit from a unique way to generate fresh insights about a real challenge they face.”