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Youth-led enquiry – a resource for change in schools

Monday, September 01, 2014 by heather

In January 2012, with the support of Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we embarked on a new programme Changing Schools Together.

Our goal is to help schools and teachers to engage young people as more active partners in the development of their learning experiences. We hoped that our methods of youth-led enquiry could directly benefit participating young people, teachers and schools and at the same time help to build capacity for ongoing collaborative cvhange within the wider education system.

Over the last 2 and a half years, we have been working alongside 358 pupils and 96 teachers in 19 schools – 15 in Scotland and 4 in England – in partnership with Glasgow, South Lanarkshire and City of Edinburgh Councils, Whole Education and Edge Foundation. It’s been quite a journey.

We have just published our impact report – you can download it here – and we think it makes for interesting reading about the way in which young people can be a powerful source of energy for change in schools and the wider education system. In particular, Changing Schools Together has shown that young people can help to change the dialogue about learning which in turn improves relationships and deepens engagement. It has also demonstrated that given the chance, young people are enthusiastic and imaginative designers and facilitators of innovative learning experiences.

In their own words:

“It just felt really respectful. I think that’s why I said things I wouldn’t normally say.” Young Person

“I’ve let go of the idea that you only say what you think to please the teacher.” Young Person

“l was learning with the young people. I noticed them looking at me for answers but I had none to give.” Teacher

“It’s been hard to step back, but it’s been so important that we have.” Teacher