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And This Week's Learning Is All About...

And This Week’s Learning Is All About…

Friday, March 21, 2014 by heather

I know it’s a cliche … and a wise person once said to me “things become cliches because they’re true” … so the cliche is that every week there is something new to learn. And this week’s topic has been crowdfunding.

To be truthful, I am riding on Owen’s coat tails here.

Owen has been leading on our New Urban Voices project, working with young people in Dundee and Forfar. It’s all about giving young people the space and support to build a stronger voice in transforming the places where they live and learn. It’s a new initiative, designed and managed in collaboration with Stuart MacDonald of Creative Frontline and we’ve been fortunate to get support and funding from a range of organisations including Creative Scotland, Dundee and Angus councils, Architecture Design Scotland and most recently RSA.

It had always been part of our plan to try crowdfunding for this project and so when RSA chose to offer us some funding as part of a crowdfunding campaign on their new kickstarter platform, that seemed like a timely opportunity.

The campaign has just gone live and you can see it here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1399773396/new-urban-voices

The video is worth a watch – I know I’m biased but I think Owen has done a fab job with it. And now we’re busy learning how to promote the campaign on social media sites.

As you can probably tell, Owen has done all the hard work – and therefore most of the useful learning 😉 so if this blog prompts any detailed questions and I struggle to answer them, you may just find I pass you on to him …