Who is a Space Unlimited Coach?
You’re not quite a project manager, though there’s a project to be managed.  You’re not quite a leader, though there’s leadership required.  You’re a facilitator, but you’re not obliged to make things too facile.  You’re not a teacher, though you are a learner.  You’re an observer, but you’re an insider too.

SU projects are directed by the young people participating in them.  When given a real challenge, and with the support of a coach, young people own their process of discovery.  Their sense of purpose creates direction.


Space Unlimited project coaches use HOW. – our methodology to foster the conditions for unlocking creativity. Each project has a dedicated coach, identified and briefed by SU. See how we see the coaches role in a Space Unlimited project here or download it here.

Read the coaches How. here. Download the coaches How. here.

If you feel you could be a Space Unlimited coach or just want to find out more please get in touch.