Our Work
  • Education
    Youth-led enquiries in schools, colleges and universities enable educators and young people to share and explore experiences of learning and teaching, and find new ways of working collaboratively to improve learner achievement, attainment and personal well-being.
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  • Communities
    Youth-led enquiries in communities enable service-providers to engage directly with young people. Young people discover issues that they care about, and connect with others to design and take action together to enhance local opportunities and services.
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  • Making Space for Change
    Youth-led enquiries in a range of other settings (private, public and third sector) enable organisations to better understand the needs and aspirations of young people, getting ‘beyond consultation’ into collaborative design and action in partnership with them.
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Latest News

Questions of Time and Place

Sometimes the most effective support comes just in time. At 15, young people tell us the future ‘feels near to’ them and they are ready to take responsibility for it. Read More

The Value of Structure

Our Confident Transitions programme was co-designed with different groups of 15-16 year olds over a three year period. This year's participants tell us that this was time well-spent. Read More

The Value of Remembering

Young people who participated in our Confident Transitions programme in 2017-2018 talk eloquently about the value of remembering how their life experiences have shaped their skills, strengths and interests. “I feel more confident in myself already from looking back and reminding myself of all that I have and all that I can do” Read More