the background

We were delighted when we were awarded funding by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation in 2012 to extend our work supporting educators to engage young people as genuine partners in the development of their learning experiences. Since then, we've been busy working in partnership with 3 Scottish Local Authorities - Glasgow City, South Lanarkshire and City of Edinburgh - 15 of their secondary schools plus 4 schools in England where we partnered with Whole Education and Edge Foundation.

the approach

In each school, we offered a sustained programme of support for change that was designed to directly benefit pupils, teachers, school management teams and the wider education community.

Our role at Space Unlimited was to:

  • Design, manage and facilitate student-led enquiries in each secondary school, focused on improving learning and teaching.
  • Initiate and help to sustain an open dialogue between teachers and pupils (involving parents/ employers too if appropriate) about a shared responsibility for learning and teaching.
  • Provide follow-on action planning after the initial enquiry as well as support with implementation and whole-school dissemination.
  • Support sharing and capacity building among schools and within each authority.

the result

We have published our impact report on the programme, see what you think: