The Wise Group

Given the economic recession, what support do young people need to help them find work? Read More


How can NESTA ensure that their new programme provides young people with the right kind of learning to build? Read More


How can Oracle convince its customers that communication has changed forever? Read More


How should KPMG communicate with young people in its organisation? Read More

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport

How can SPT encourage more people out of their cars and on to public and active transport? Read More

Royal Opera House Production Park

How can the Royal Opera House Production Park provide the right opportunities for local young people? Read More


How can SEWeb help young people to better enjoy, understand, protect and improve Scotland’s environment? Read More

Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice

Young people explore what their role in improving youth justice should be. Read More

Working Links

What will help young people to find or create fulfilling work and lives? Read More

Music Unlimited

Music Unlimited was an innovative youth-led enquiry, the first of its kind for Space Unlimited, funded by Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative. Students from The Royal Blind School and James... Read More

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