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A quick introduction ...

Our work supports organisations to work in direct collaboration with young people in order to design and take action together.

We do this because young people see things differently, approach problems imaginatively and aren't afraid to say what they think. We are passionate about building resilience - among individuals, within groups and across wider communities. We all need to be better at coping with ongoing change.

Our youth-led enquiry is a powerful catalyst, generating new insights and building more collaborative leadership:

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In education: we support teachers and young people to work together to lead change in our schools. 
In communities: we help young people to work alongside local service providers and residents to lead ideas for change in the places where they live, learn and play.
In life: we enable young people to bring new understanding and inspiration to tackle enduring challenges around wellbeing, justice and employment.

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Space Unlimited is a social enterprise and registered charity.

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